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2/8/2015 CliveAnders 5813 CliveAnders
4 stars [3 Votes, 4.17 Stars]
Latest Chat2/16/2020 12:07:14 PM EST
DaveOD: The ghost ship still sails.
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Latest Comment 3/30/2020 7:27:51 AM EST
IrREGULAR ELEPHAnT: Damn, this is some creative #@&%!. I'm sending my 12 year belated love.
Latest Backstage 2/2/2015 1:44:36 AM EST
Sold a Fool
ghengus23: great down dirty country rock feelin' from the start. Reminds me of social distortion. Not sure if...


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Critic Score 10/10
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Band: Alexic

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Placenta Demo (by Linus in the Sapphire)
singmetofire [10/22/2013 10:24:09 AM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 3.5 stars
One of the Fizz's finest time and time again.
Pretty World Of Ugly People
singmetofire [10/22/2013 10:23:27 AM EST]
Score: +0
A style I normally hate, so i won't vote on it. But i can't find anything wrong with this from a technical aspect. Well done.
Devil Did (band version)
singmetofire [10/22/2013 10:21:18 AM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 3.5 stars
I love Posthumous Music. You've come such a long way, and it sounds great.
Let Me Stay
singmetofire [10/22/2013 10:19:57 AM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 2 stars
Well, i don't think the vocals are as bad as the rap they're getting.

But i'll tell you what would make them sound better.

Stop trying to harmonize, and lay off the vocal effects, and i think this track would have been a lot better.

This isn't horrible.
Come Here Go Away
singmetofire [10/22/2013 10:18:03 AM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 0.5 stars
"Hey, i just had an idea, i'm going to play it on my out of tune guitar, badly, and post it to redfizz, and then i'll probably get butthurt when everyone doesn't like it"

This is bad.
CLARITY/Foxes (Cover)
singmetofire [10/22/2013 10:14:40 AM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 1 star
Man, when this started i REALLY liked it.
I honestly think you may be too talented for your own good. I'll give the drums a pass because it sounds like it was done with a drum machine, and I guess a decent sounding drum machine is better than no drums. But, there are some parts of this i CAN NOT vibe with.

1. The screaming. It's not that i don't LIKE screaming, i just think this style of screaming is done badly.

2. The really, really awkward.... REALLY awkward double time "punk type" part, with the auto-tuned female vocals over it.

I don't know, to me it feels like you're trying to make every song your Magnum Opus, and "tryharding" these songs into the dirt.
The Collateral Damage
singmetofire [12/29/2012 8:00:25 PM EST]
Score: +0
Gosh, thanks everyone! I really appreciate it.
Wage Of Sin
singmetofire [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
Man, you've come so far. I really really enjoy your music, and your voice. Reminds me a lot of Elvis Costello, and I LOVE Costello.

Really good man, this is great. I can't believe how much your sound has progressed.
protect & survive
singmetofire [12/7/2012 3:10:24 PM EST]
Score: +0
singmetofire [12/7/2012 3:10:16 PM EST]
Score: +0
Neat vibe you've build here. I think this version still needs some work. Interested to hear the final version.
Best Laid Plans
singmetofire [12/7/2012 3:06:58 PM EST]
Score: +0
This song isn't bad, but I just can't get with it. I like my recordings to have a little more saturation, this just feels a little bit "dry" in that department, for lack of a better term. Good song though, composed really well, preformed well also.
singmetofire [12/7/2012 3:04:53 PM EST]
Score: +0
This is actually really good. I would have liked it a lot more if it weren't for that effect on the vocals.
singmetofire [11/27/2012 12:33:05 PM EST]
Score: +10
You know who takes soundtrack music seriously? People who get paid like a boss to make it. With that said, i don't really enjoy this track either, but that was a pretty bad argument. You sure do have a funny way of appreciating music, burnt.
Only In Dreams
singmetofire [11/27/2012 12:25:47 PM EST]
Score: +10
This song is bad, and you should feel bad. Look man, I get it, you're 25, you spent your most impressionable formative years listening to bands that sound a lot like this. You're a talented musician, one of those kids who can pick up an instrument and just learn it inside and out in a freakishly small amount of time compared to the rest of us. On top of that, you went to college to study music, so not only do you really know your #@&%!, and how to arrange and play it, but you know it the right way, the way you're supposed to be doing it, based off of theory technique.

Here's the thing.

The genre in which you most enjoy making music, is a trendy niche. For most people this ship has sailed, and they're not really interested in looking back. To speak even further to this point, even when that WAS popular, it sure as #@&%! wasn't popular here (trust me, i know from first hand experience.) If you were putting this out around the time Underoath came out with "They're only chasing safety," you'd be uber-famous.

My MAJOR PROBLEM with your music, is the fact that you are labeling yourself as "Melodic Hardcore." This is in no way, shape, or form any kind of variation of Hardcore.

You need to go listen to Judge, Good Riddance, or Shai Hulud, Verse, Comeback Kid, maybe even some early Boy Sets Fire.

Genre specification errors aside, while I greatly dislike most of the music you make and post on this site, so far... I would actually be very interested to hear a track of you, just playing a piano and singing. Take out all of those effects, no compression, no antares auto tune, no drum triggers, just a good ol nice songwriting showing. I know you have the talent to do something like that and make it great. If you ask me, all of the bells and whistles you're putting into the production of your music is just weighing you down. You could very well be one of the best songwriters any of us have ever heard, but no one will ever know if you're singing in a dead language, to people who don't have any desire to dig it back up.
Day After the Fall
singmetofire [11/20/2012 11:12:53 AM EST]
Score: +0
ehhhhhh... this is not intended as an insult.. but it really does kind of sound like something you'd do just messing with a synthesizer for the first time.