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2/8/2015 CliveAnders 5813 CliveAnders
4 stars [3 Votes, 4.17 Stars]
Latest Chat2/16/2020 12:07:14 PM EST
DaveOD: The ghost ship still sails.
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Latest Comment 3/21/2020 7:17:35 PM EST
Mom's with no Kids
IrREGULAR ELEPHAnT: I followed this song from the chat room. Noticed the Residents reference in the band picture and can...
Latest Backstage 2/2/2015 1:44:36 AM EST
Sold a Fool
ghengus23: great down dirty country rock feelin' from the start. Reminds me of social distortion. Not sure if...


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Joined: 8/8/2006

Average Rating: 2.5 stars

Jealous Mind
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 11:40:43 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 3.5 stars
Complimentarily speaking, you have the tegan and sarah thing going on.
nice lyrics. i really like your simplicity, very effective.
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 11:26:38 PM EST]
Score: +0
Sounds fine.
I'm looking for more creativity.
No pocket, groove, or where do i tap my foot?
nasaly vox at times, try a country set.
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 11:21:27 PM EST]
Score: +0
this guys picture looks like he's got a pig nose.
Walkie Talkie
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 11:18:11 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 2 stars
I like the music , not that it breaks ground, but it sounds good. i like the organ. Vocals on the other hand , something is strange about the way they follow the bass line here. Doesn't sound like the right vocal melody for this tune.?
However the more I listen to this , the more I can enjoy it.
New Song
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 11:07:52 PM EST]
Score: +0
does anyone like the goo goo dolls?

Apple Tree
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 10:58:19 PM EST]
Score: +0
Quit cliche lyrically! Overall sound is interesting, but song is weak.
Would benefit with a tastier bass player, that bass lick is cool but can be played better.
If the Moon
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 10:42:49 PM EST]
Score: +0
Not that this sounds anything like The King, but Elvis succesfully blended those two genres right there. So i dunno. i think it depends on how well you do it.
This is good for what it is, heartfelt.
Pass the Buck
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 10:33:21 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 3 stars
Yeah, very interesting . nice thick tones, dirty, but good dirty. Beginning is great, but the more the song goes on , it gets a bit monotonous in parts, and then it changes to something else, and does it again.
I dig it, this is different I'll say that!
Wish Melissa
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 10:19:13 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 3.5 stars
A good, clean and fun song. just a really good song.
sounds like Elvis C.
Thug Passion
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 10:16:00 PM EST]
Score: +0
I like the guitar in the verses in this. Great singing.
Lyrics I prefer more abstract than literal. but hey...
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 10:11:33 PM EST]
Score: +0
The recording and sound is good. But I would never listen to this. really.
The keys feel like their o-d'ing on ecstasy. the beat is maniacal.
You the Next - Featuring Matt the Marine
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 10:05:34 PM EST]
Score: +0
more of the same lyrical content we've been listening to forever.
entertaining but not interesting.
A New Vision (vocal edit)
iconoclasticatachism [8/29/2006 10:00:45 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 2 stars
give it up for electronic music eh?
This is just a beat and is average really, paper thin, used.
I do like the vocals, cute voice.
iconoclasticatachism [8/24/2006 11:31:31 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 4 stars
I like it lots.
A moving voice.

I like the tremelo.

iconoclasticatachism [8/24/2006 11:20:37 PM EST]
Score: +0
um, cool lyrics?