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2/8/2015 CliveAnders 5813 CliveAnders
4 stars [3 Votes, 4.17 Stars]
Latest Chat2/16/2020 12:07:14 PM EST
DaveOD: The ghost ship still sails.
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Latest Comment 3/30/2020 7:27:51 AM EST
IrREGULAR ELEPHAnT: Damn, this is some creative #@&%!. I'm sending my 12 year belated love.
Latest Backstage 2/2/2015 1:44:36 AM EST
Sold a Fool
ghengus23: great down dirty country rock feelin' from the start. Reminds me of social distortion. Not sure if...


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Critic Score 1/10
Joined: 4/8/2007
Band: Poolhouse

poolhouses [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
love the rockin reverb guitar tone on this, captures my attention, great tune
I Can't Let It Worry Me
poolhouses [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
awesome (this is aaron)
Wednesday Arfternoon
poolhouses [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
really dig it! (this is aaron)
poolhouses [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
Pest Fever Blues
poolhouses [7/3/2009 7:43:35 PM EST]
Score: +0
cool lyrics, diggable, like punk jethro tull, i like that synth part a lot
before all the walking
poolhouses [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
love love the guitar and the sounds, takes me way back before i was born to the 1930s, out on a dirty dusty road, with tall fields of weeds and grass. highly affecting, not sure it needs to be that long, but it's hard to step away, like just giving in to the mud, and settling in, and not minding, cause it feels good. one of your best. feature. it's rare that i hear anything i think is this pure and good, love all the #@&%!heads, etc.. maybe your best. wow.
the happy bunny rabbit song
poolhouses [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
excellent children's tune for punk parents who want their kids to grow up punk, just in time for Easter!! great sounds
Mutual Friends
poolhouses [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
this is nice, reminds me of late 50's/early 60s stuff, like Runaround Sue, but through your own personality filter... arrangement is great.
Think You Really Do
poolhouses [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
wow, dig the drums coming in like that, accordian, this is really sweet...

i love the "i think you really do BOP" is that what you said, anyway, love it.

great hook.
No One Seems to Mind
poolhouses [5/16/2008 12:07:40 PM EST]
Score: +0
gently spoon feeding contempt... that's brilliant sput, save that one...
It's So Easy
poolhouses [7/4/2007 9:42:07 PM EST]
Score: +0
it's not a song i'd want to listen to all the time, but you got a great voice, and the melody is sweet, the chorus is a bit familiar, but different than the song i'm remembering, but it had a similar vibe, and it was a big hit... early 90s maybe, i have the song stuck firmly in my head but can't place lyrics or band, it was acoustic with great harmony, aggg, what is it??.
poolhouses [7/3/2007 10:29:46 AM EST]
Score: +20