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2/8/2015 CliveAnders 5813 CliveAnders
4 stars [3 Votes, 4.17 Stars]
Latest Chat1/16/2019 5:48:45 PM EST
ChrisMoschetti: Fisted Sister reunion at the eiffel tower 4/15/19
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Latest Comment 4/1/2019 9:50:10 PM EST
Whisper Scream (take 3)
boygenuis: After listening to this on repeat a bunch, I think I can find a place for this in my collection.
Latest Backstage 2/2/2015 1:44:36 AM EST
Sold a Fool
ghengus23: great down dirty country rock feelin' from the start. Reminds me of social distortion. Not sure if...


DrFringe -  
God Bless Americas! and things and stuffs
By DrFringe 
Weighted Rating: [1 Vote, 5 Stars]
Views: 1,319
Featured Review
ChrisMoschetti [posted during evaluation]
Score: +20
Best song on redfizz
Liner Notes
psychorama [8/26/2011 12:51:10 PM EST]
Score: +0
i also give it five more stars, though it wont let me,
maybe my other 5 stars can astrial project to this comment,
just maybe
psychorama [8/26/2011 12:49:56 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 5 stars
oh the glory, this is amazing, wow, very obscure, and diffrent,
i think my favorite part is the end, i could see this playing in the back ground,
of some akward play, probley about a lizard man, who meets the ant people,
and then transforms in to a god, ya, i can see it now, maybe throwin a few
wraiths, or a skin-walker for good measure. huh, maybe i should write said play,
and film it for youtube
unklespaz (song submitter) [12/23/2010 11:23:57 AM EST]
Score: +0
ohhh QC it was written way before that and no planning whatsoever
qualcomm [12/23/2010 11:18:37 AM EST]
Score: +0
seems like kind of a ripoff of chicken wing bongo
unklespaz (song submitter) [10/12/2010 8:59:52 PM EST]
Score: +10
Thanks buddy- I can't say everyone would agree but 38 years pretty much proves I won't change - hallelujah!
Richie Isaacs [10/12/2010 5:46:34 PM EST]
Score: +0
You're not a well boy, Coffee Ninja...and don't you DARE change.
Babar Klunj [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
Sounds like Carl Spackler singing
Richie Isaacs [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
Oh my, lookit what the cat dragged in.
Sweet, demented vibes, coffee ninja!
beastia [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
deeeeeeeerrrrrr, as stupid as the second one. I like this picture though. Why are you wasting your time with this stuff?
hi mom! this is me an charlie a down syndrome guy with a great voice and passion for music