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2/8/2015 CliveAnders 5813 CliveAnders
4 stars [3 Votes, 4.17 Stars]
Latest Chat2/16/2020 12:07:14 PM EST
DaveOD: The ghost ship still sails.
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Latest Comment 2/16/2020 12:05:46 PM EST
DaveOD: 10 years and still sounds fresh.
Latest Backstage 2/2/2015 1:44:36 AM EST
Sold a Fool
ghengus23: great down dirty country rock feelin' from the start. Reminds me of social distortion. Not sure if...


Jonathan Wood Vincent -  
Tall Tree
Weighted Rating: [7 Votes, 4.78 Stars]
Views: 2,265
[song removed by band]
Featured Review
DaveOD [3/30/2012 8:36:13 AM EST]
Score: +20
Rated 3 stars
I've performed John Cage pieces before......and this is way more interesting. If you made a video for this using clips of Tom Petty dancing with Kim Bassinger's corpse, it could possibly cause brain damage.......but I would still watch it.
Babar Klunj [4/20/2012 3:04:19 PM EST]
Score: +0
I think you might find a few players here on Redfizz who might wish to work with you over the Internets.
jonathanwoodvincent (song submitter) [4/20/2012 8:02:01 AM EST]
Score: +0
Thanks for listening! Yeah, this one isn't really improvised at all. It took forever to make partly due to funds. I used garageband (which crashed over and over until I could only hear what it sounded like on iTunes and then switched back to edit) and the mic that comes embedded in the mac laptop.

Other songs I improvise entirely, and then I actually learn to play and sing exactly what I first improvised and then I edit, which is fun. Other songs aren't improvised at all, but are more standard in construction. If I could find a band to do all this with I'd be so happy, but that might be asking a lot timewise.
unklespaz [4/20/2012 1:04:20 AM EST]
Score: +0
ok a visit to your site... 20 listens and a little head scratching and I am starting to get it.. "wide ranging songs, semi- improvised epic story-pieces, and for associative “rants” deriving from long studies" you get yourself more importantly. It looks like a cool scene frankly.
MiddleAgeMusic [3/30/2012 11:44:53 PM EST]
Score: +0
It WAS Greek font: Den Katalabaino
MiddleAgeMusic [3/30/2012 11:43:18 PM EST]
Score: +0
?e? ?ata?aßa???
unklespaz [3/30/2012 3:50:55 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 5 stars
what Dave said frankly.. I don't get it but everyone else does and that amuses me
five #@&%!ing bangers for that
Groon Lake [3/30/2012 1:45:32 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 4.5 stars
I bit daring for this crowd. Bravo.
picard [3/22/2012 4:40:29 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 5 stars
IrREGULAR ELEPHAnT [3/18/2012 6:00:19 PM EST]
Score: +0
See, this is what I have been talking about all along. At some point, I will have heard this enough times to where I will never have to listen to it again. Things become indelibly ingrained in the brain. Classic rock drives me bat#@&%!. I don't want to hear something I have heard a brazillion times before. The record companies strive to give their customers a product that is expeditiously easy to get. I prefer those things that stay new longer. You get more with every listen. I call shenanigans on the clueless record companies. Great art doesn't need them. But I digress. This is why fizz is awesome.
balcerebon [3/18/2012 2:59:02 PM EST]
Score: +0
Rated 5 stars
it paints an odd picture. . .
Richie Isaacs [3/15/2012 8:00:52 PM EST]
Score: +4
The trouble with cookie cutter music is that each person thinks their personal cutter is the One True Cutter.
Screw radio and the critics who think radio play is the pinnacle of achievement, if music isn't used as a vehicle for self expression then it's of little or no use to me at all.
Yeah, I AM a broken record, I broke it - get this stuff into the ears of indie movie or short film makers, this kind of stuff sells to them - also try human-circus acts, I am part of the circus performance community (strange but true) and a LOT of them perform to stuff like this.
Keep the originality going, the less formula based #@&%! in the world, the better.
Babar Klunj [3/15/2012 11:40:22 AM EST]
Score: +1
Rated 5 stars
Sometimes it is nice to listen to music that is outside one's comfort zone.
arpmoog [3/15/2012 7:45:22 AM EST]
Score: +2
Rated 4.5 stars
This kind of material requires opening your mind and reaching beyond to appreciate what you ordinarily find in common pop songs. It very much has structure and pulse, but not entirely metronomic or expected. I encourage the cynics to listen to some Fred Frith, early Zappa and Ivor Cutler to hear others who have excelled in finding valid artistic expression off the beaten path.
Babar Klunj [posted during evaluation]
Score: +2
Unique and eccentric. Love it. I am sure someone else will come along behind me and say this is total rubbish and that I am totally clueless when I say...feature.
WILLBMUSIC [posted during evaluation]
Score: +13
arpmoog [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
Again the Ivor Cutler flavor which I actually liked. I'm with Babs, Feature.
Pynner [posted during evaluation]
Score: -11
I feel insulted as a listener. I hear random sounds of unmusic. Listening to a garbage truck is more pleasant to listen to than this. If you are seriously trying to make music, you are on to something. Take whatever you're doing and do the opposite.

The important thing is that you had the patience to to sit down and spend time making this. To you maybe this sounds nice, but if anyone else agrees, they're probably in a padded room. I bet even your mom couldn't force out a fake compliment to support you this time. Nobody could sell this.

ministerofrenvy [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
I'm hearing a lot of sounds that I like, but it just doesn't gel into anything that I can call a song - it just needs something that I can focus on amongst the chaos - something that makes me want to hear it again. The way it is, it's hard to identify with and there's nothing that I'll be humming away to in my head 15 minutes from now. Man though, I'm envious of the way you can blend sounds. You clearly know what you're doing in that regard.
Hu Flung [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
I find this to be a wonderfully engaging piece of music. It is one of those pieces that required me to pay attention.
unklespaz [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
it's a litmus test
balcerebon [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
british rock art house cinema. . the percussion is kinda cool. i dig it overall.
Mr. Bratty [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
It's not that chaotic. There is meter, tempo, melody, lyric. Clearly not a pop single but music nonetheless.
NathanWayne [posted during evaluation]
Score: +0
i pretty much always enjoy stuff like this in some way and i think you guys did some cool creative stuff or at least revolution9-esque.

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